Frequently Asked Questions


Q- Do I need any specific type of experience to begin?

A- No. In fact, I am going to ask you to “start again with a clean slate” if you ever have unsuccessfully traded or invested before to eliminate any old bad information you may have. If you are successful in your trading, the approach for you will be to follow my system exactly while keeping it separate from what you already know and use.

Q- Will your system allow me to trade my 401k or IRA?

A- Most definitely. You will not be able to use margin accounts because the government doesn't allow that withe 401k's or IRA's. This results in less risk for you even though overall you will make a little less. You will also be able to sell the market with some inverse ETFs (I'll give you a list of these). It is a great advantage for you to be able to trade long or short with your retirement accounts.

Q- What is the average monthly trades with this system?

A- Only 2-4 (round turn) Using the base ETFs we trade it is typically only 2-4 (round turn). It can be higher if you use the software scanner or if you trade off my larger "A" list of EFTs to grow your returns.

Q- What do I need in the way of start-up capital?

A- Not a lot. The minimum I would recommend is $5,000 to avoid having your risk per trade go outside the parameters of my system. If you want, you can trade your full IRA – but only when you are 100% confident. There is the potential with even a smaller account of $5,000 that you could be making an extra $200 to $500 a month. Compounding that for a 12 month period can put you a few thousand per month in profit with just a small starting balance of $5,000. Don't forget that before you risk any of your money you can paper trade or demo trade for as long as you need to.

Q- I'm concerned that I might not make money with this.  Can you personally assure me that I will?

A- You can paper trade with it where you are not using any actually money until you’re happy it works within three months of receiving your course. Don't forget, we’re going for a small initial entry into a trend which means low risk. No one can promise profit, or that you won’t lose money, that is against the law.

From my experience I have certainty on how the ETF’s I choose trend and how my system catches a high percentage of them and rides them for a long time. With this certainty and confidence I am able to sleep easy at night and am able to teach others with 100% confidence. Since I have certainty and confidence in my system I have a generous return policy that I will present to you in a little bit.

Q- Will this only work if I'm trading every single day?

A- This does not require much time at all really. Ten minutes, five nights a week is well worth it. Or you can put in 10 minutes the next morning if you miss a night.

This is different that the high-stress, emotional trading you may be thinking of. I even recommend that you take a few vacations per year without doing any trading.

This 10 minute period you'll be putting in every day comes about AFTER you learn my system. It may take 2 days or it may take 2 weeks to really understand the system and that depends on you. It does take a little time but it isn't hard.

Here's a typical night for someone who has learned my system. Some time between when the market closes and when the market opens the next day, you bring up your charts. My preference is to do this around 4:30 EST so that when I finish I all finished for that day. You'll have your own preference and should work out what is best for you once you start rolling. You may want to do yours at 7pm after dinner or at 5am if you're an early riser.

The way I do this is that once I brought up my charts I review the daily chart and only the daily chart on my watch list of ETF’s. I only have 4 charts that I look at daily for my blog trades because there are only 4 ETF's I'm trading there except 1) when I use my counter trend scanner to get the best risk vs. reward stocks to trade or 2) if I decide to look at my “A” list. If I do either of those it only results in a few more charts I look at which is only about 5-10 minutes more than usual.

Once you know what you are doing it shouldn't take more than about ten seconds with each chart to determine where or not there is a trade. Remember: "the simpler the better".

I'd love to take credit for saying that but it was Albert Einstein who said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This may not seem that important but it is really key to your success because I've found that a common mistake that most beginners make is to over-complicate things. They have the idea that more fundamental knowledge or more indicators is better when actually that is far from the truth.

Ok, let's get back on track and look at my average trading day.

If, after reviewing my charts I determine thatthere is a trade, I place a limit order so that I will get in the market automatically while I’m gone.

I place the limit order with a predefinied profit targe and risk stop. This can take 30-60 seconds to do.

Then I look at the chart(s) for any other EFTs I'm already in a trade on. I review the chart to determine if I 1) need to add another position, 2) got stopped out during the day or 3) need to protect profits by moving my stop up any. There's another 30-60 seconds.

Next I look at any other ETF’s I may be actively trading.

On no-trade days, the total time is about two minutes. When I need to adjust something with an active trade or if I place new trades the time can be as much as 10 minutes. Then I’m done for the day and can enjoy the rest of my other interests without being bogged down with stress.

Q- If I want to be successful in EFT trading are there any special skills or characteristics I need to have?

A: Yes. You need to be able to read, understand and then follow instructions exactly. If you can do this, you can be successful. If you can’t and insist on doing things I don't recommend like day trading, over leveraging, trading ETF’s that I don’t have on my list, not following my system’s stop levels, etc., then it is likely you will not be successful with my system and I don't recommend that you purchase it.

It is more important to me that the students I do have are successful than having a large number of students, many of whom don't follow my instructions and lose their hard-earned money.

You don't have to have all sorts of special qualities like the ability to hide your emotions from everyone including yourself or the patience of Mother Teresa to have success using my system. By just reading this far it is clear that you want help and direction, so you should not have any problem following the instructions in my system.

Q- Other trading systems I've tried before haven't worked for me. Is it me?

A- This situation is true for a lot of people. Many trading systems don't work and it isn't because of you! It's because they give incomplete or unworkable information, in part because the people behind them don’t know what they’re doing and/or don’t even use it themselves. Mine is different. Why? Because it works!

Unlike any other systems that I know about, my system works in both consolidating and trending markets. And though this may only apply to a small percentage of those who will read this, on my next free webinar I'll offer to go over how to be a money manager and raise millions of dollars (this bonus is for new students only). For someone who has had a dream of being a money manager, this is worth its weight in gold because you'll be able to learn from someone who had already accomplished what you want to do.

Don't forget, I’m not only an ex-money manager but I use what I've learned every single day. As I go over the next day's trades in the member's area blog you'll get to see what I've learned and how I use it successfully.

I trade live with exact entries, stops and limits the day before the market opens. An 'expert' who doesn't do that or show you what they do should be someone you stay away from because this is what you should expect from anybody that is trying to sell you a course in trading. Some of you that have bought other trading courses probably know just what I am talking about.

Together we will be all on the same page watching the same ETF’s, the same charts and maybe even the same broker. By the way, I will even tell you which broker I use who I believe has everything we need but if you are happy with your current broker you should stay with them as long as you can set up your orders each morning or they have the knowledge and ability to do sophisticated after-market orders.

Q- Do financial advisors buy your course and to use in helping their own clients?

A- Intelligent ones do because they see that they can help their clients make a lot more money which in turn results in them earning more management fees. The really good ones start to charge performance fees so that they are rewarded based on the performance of their clients' portfolios.

Unfortunately, many of them do not purchase an ETF course because they feel they are already doing the 'right' things and aren't open to new approaches. That’s ok, when they're ready I'll still be here for them.

Q- How about other markets? Will your system work in them?

A- Yes, because it is actually a true trend trading technical analysis. The system does work in ALL other markets but because I believe ETF’s are the best market to trade my system in, I focus on that. You will get to see how well it works in all markets when you do your manual back tests. One other thing I need to mention here is that it also works on ALL time frames.

Q- Can everyone have success with your system?

A- No. Those who already feel they know everything they need to know about trading, those who are not able to exactly follow simple instructions and those who feel they have to make changes to the steps will not have success.

Q- Will you let us know the indicators you use?

A- Yes, when you become a member. I don't share the specifics of my system with non-members, but I will tell you what my system DOES NOT use:

My system does not use Fibonacci retracements, MACD, or Bollinger Bands.
No Elliot Wave analysis.
No Gann analysis.
It doesn’t use patterns like the inside day, outside or narrow range day.

In addition to that:

My system does not require that you buy any expensive software.
It doesn’t trade off of news.
It doesn’t use pivot points.
You don't have to have previous market experience.
You don't have to buy a subscription to any service.
You don't have to stay glued to your computer all day.

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