Day Trading International (ABCD Marketing) was formed so that I could help others learn how to successfully trade without the need for months of study.

I got my break when I managed a large fund. I regularly made trades of over 50 million dollars and was nicknamed "Big A". The nickname stuck because of the size of my trades, not the size of my stature.

I made enough money that I was able to leave it all behind and trade exclusively for myself.  I now can easily take 3-week vacations at a time and I answer to no one. I don't have a boss, or investors to please. Only my wife and kids. Yes in this day and age no matter how much money you make I think it's important to still be accountable to your family!

I have developed strategies that will allow you to learn what I know.   We have courses can coaching that will help you gain the skill needed to be able to do what  I do.

Feel free to join the newsletter, download our software and utilize the tools we have provided to you at no cost to.  Why did I do this?  I figure if I can gain  your trust and show you how you too can earn the returns we typically are able to generate, you might want to join my mentorship programs when I re-open it.

Here's to your successful trading.


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